The Call for Participation for the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #fosdem2019 was published 🎉 It would be great to receive proposals from a diversity of people.

Please boost widely !

@loic FOSDEM 2018 had one of the world’s largest surveillance capitalists as its primary sponsor. Who are the sponsors this year?

If Google is sponsoring again, there is no way either I or @indie would take part.

It’s time events that purport to be about freedom stop legitimising and whitewashing surveillance capitalists. And it’s time those of us with legitimacy in this area stop being complicit in that practice.

@aral I agree that having Google has major sponsor and promoting internet decentralization is bit strange.

But boycotting because of this sounds wrong too. I prefer thinking about how to make things better? Fosdem is one of the place where decentralization is promoted.

How much sponsor brings to the event? Is it material, money? What kind of good sponsor can help the project?

@loic @indie


@valvin @loic @indie I suggest we have the Saudi royal family sponsor FOSDEM. How about some neo-Nazi sponsorship? Is there anywhere you would draw a line at and say “I’m not taking that money?” If so, why are you not drawing that line at surveillance capitalism and corporations that exist by violating our human rights?

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