Coming soon… @better 2018.2 :)

Also wondering if we should set the price of the Mac app back to €4.99. The alternate Tier 1 (lowest) pricing we set it to with the new design has it at €1.99. I’m wondering if the difference actually affects anyone’s decision to get it on Mac (because while the difference in pricing isn’t much on its own, it makes a big difference to what we make and thus our ability to keep working on it).


@aral @better I think 4.99 isn't something you see far higher than 1.99 if you use a Mac lol


Considering the price of most macOS apps, I don't think the price is an issue.


I agree, 4.99 is best. Unrelated to software but as far as RPG PDFs are concern, the biggest online shop once had a discussion of the fact that 4.99 was best for authors. Perhaps the results transcend industry.
@MatejLach @aral @better

@aral @better On the Mac, charge a sane amount, the users won't mind a few bucks. Only iOS pricing is ruined forever.

@aral @better if the low price impacts your business, the price should be higher, right? Would make sense.

@aral @better I think E4.99 or 3.99 is ok. That's a reasonable price.

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