Still hearing the time-honed bullshit that “nobody cares about their privacy” at . Bullshit. People are lied to on a daily basis with billion-dollar budgets.

@aral if nobody cares about their privacy, why do toilet cubicles have walls?

@aral My all-time favorites:

* Nobody cares about privacy
* Nobody will pay for privacy
* "I've got nothing to hide"
* Only criminals need encryption
* "There are checks and balances in place" (for privacy invading legislation)

@aral But almost nobody does care actually. Don't get me wrong, it is sad, but it is the reality.

@aral Hessen, the part of Germany where I live, has recently voted on changes to it's Constitution. 15 separate changes. Out of those 15, the one with the most approval was the one about introducing the right to privacy and informational self determination.

@aral I would say people care about it, they just don't want to lose any convince for protecting it.

It's a very common statement I hear: "I would use something else, but it's not as good integrate as the Google services. They just know how to make things so easy and usable." Then they talk about how something mentioned(! like a confirmation for a flight) in an email becomes automatically a calendar event.

So, what to do?

@aral I deal with this apathy towards privacy everyday. It seems like people no longer care. General idea is that those who do care must be hiding something..... :sad_but_cool:

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