PS. None of this is unprecedented: Thomas Watson, IBM’s first CEO (after whom their AI is named) got “a special award — created specifically for the occasion — to honor extraordinary service by a foreigner to the Third Reich.”

Wow, I knew about other companies but not about IBM.
Thanks for sharing!

@aral One difference between IBM's collaboration with Nazis and Amazon's is that back then, normal people didn't buy stuff from IBM - they sold to big businesses only.

Amazon's maybe not profitable solely to their consumer retail market, but if everyone who shops there suddenly stopped, they would certainly notice.

@mjog @aral

Amazon is also one of those corps that does not focus on profit, but on world domination. Similar to Goog and FB, but also different because they are building physical infrastructure as well as digital tech. Not that Goog and FB don't build some physical stuff, but it's not central to their "mission".

All 3 of them think more like governments than businesses.

@bhaugen @mjog @aral And more conservative and the bottom line I might add.

@bhaugen @mjog @aral Come to think of it, #SEBP also doesn't focus on profit as much as it does on world domination. Since it has zero profit, #SEBP has infinitely more world domination per $ revenue than Amazon FB and Google combined.

@thedod @bhaugen @aral I'd rather not focus on twee, nerdy sci-fi concepts like "world domination", rather on the immediate harm being done right now by these companies and the people that run them.

@bhaugen @mjog @aral Amazon is profit aware (they want a profit within 2 years of entering a market niche, or they close up shop) but some market segments are special, and are allowed to operate at a loss to Amazon perpetually to ensure Amazon's dominance.

Grocery an extremely low margin business that Amazon is still clueless how to attack (despite the Whole Paycheck acquisition).

GovCloud is used for a variety of benign purposes, but just like IBM and the Nazi's, I'm sure its used unethically

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