Hi this is going to be an official account for FOSDEM.org in the future #patience-please #Free #Libre #Open-source

@fosdem Hi there, welcome to the fediverse.

Who are your sponsors this year? Will you have the world’s #1 surveillance capitalist (Google) as your primary sponsor again?

What’s FOSDEM’s official stance on surveillance capitalism? Are you ethically/morally opposed to the business model of tracking/profiling people to manipulate their behaviour for profit or do you support it (being neutral in this, as in any situation of injustice, takes the side of the oppressor).

Look forward to your answer.

@aral We are a conference and platform for and about free and open source software. As such we welcome all free and open source developers from all over the world, regardless of their affiliation. We use donations to make this event possible. We aren't selective about sponsors and sources of donations, for sponsors have no influence on the selection of the contents for the event.

@fosdem That “free” word you keep using refers to “freedom”.

”We aren’t selective about about sponsors and sources of donations” is tone-deaf, reckless, & simply not acceptable in 2018 for any group that seeks legitimacy in the ethics of what they do.

Palantir develops open source (palantir.github.io) and also helps ICE find & deport asylum seekers. By your (lack of) ethical standards, they would be welcome as a sponsor.

Please see fundingmatters.tech and review your stance on this.

Hm, I'm torn. On one hand it's still just money. Why not take it? Then again they're buying sympathy.
If it doesn't affect your values, though, why refuse? You can keep fighting against Palantir even when you take their money, probably actually better so ...


@solarkraft @fosdem Indeed, this is why Greenpeace gets hundreds of millions of dollars from Exxon Mobil. Oh no, wait, they wouldn’t be Greenpeace if they did.

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Exxon Mobil has no incentive to give them money. But if they wanted to, why not? I'd be okay with Greenpeace having more money instead of Exxon Mobil keeping it.

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