@aral You know, when you post screenshots of leaving Fascistbook/Instagram, I kind of feel like I wish I ever joined them, just so that I could leave them.
Hmmm..? ;-D

@aral Smart move. Got off of Facefuck in 2011. Got off of the bird thing at the same time. Wasn't active much on either before that anyway; don't miss it. Never got accounts on Insta or Tumblr or Snap or any of that shit.

@aral Actually that was my new year's resolution as well: Delete accounts at commercial services (not that I have many). It's a good idea in order to protect my personal data, and it also slims my mail inbox! Great!

@aral did you find a way to export your photos from Instagram? I was looking for a way to do that yesterday, but I didn’t find one.

@darth_mall Download a backup of your data. There is a setting but, understandably, I can’t check any longer ;)

@aral thanks. I’ll dig a little more in their app and on the site

@aral i was thinking in delete all my photos and leave only 1 video saying "Hi! you will not find me here, here is how you can contact me.", and then delete the app.

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