If you missed it on the live news, here’s a recording of the Al Jazeera News segment where we discussed France’s new tax on multinational tech companies.

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@Aral Balkan Very good interview! Happy to see this getting some attention.

@aral nice, thanks! I believe, like you, that the game between EU and the gafam is rigged. And I'm not really sure Macron proposal was genuine and not just a veil of smoke. That's because we had a very good law proposal cowrited by @gabriel_zucman that allows to taxe them without waiting for the EU impossible-to-get unanimity consent on such law. It is in french here:
It is based on the same international legal framework than @PikettyLeMonde & all:

@aral sorry direct link:
Main ideas are that France could taxe companies without an entity in France if they have a revenue >100M€. The taxe would be calculated based on the share of sells done in France based on the global consolidated revenue, with the possibility to not take into account sells relocated in low tax countries like Ireland. To be compliant with international law regarding double taxe, only the share above what is already taxed would be collected

Très bon, muy bueno, very good Aral. Too bad you're not on the tube in teh states. I'd guess that anyone watching Al Jazeera in the states is tracked by the NSA and other alphabet agencies. We've been bombing brown people for decades. Only terrrists watch Al Jazeera in the US.
Oh, and jeeze, get a haircut!

Please try to replicate these MP4s to your site when available. Thanks!

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