I’ll be on Al Jazeera Inside Story at 17:30 GMT to discuss how we can rein in surveillance capitalists like Google and Facebook (and start investing in ethical tech infrastructure) within the context of the news about the new French tax on ad revenues.

We’re recording in a few hours. You can watch the live stream of the channel at:

sounds good!
language wise: is it on purpose to say 'invest'?
In the the current times of (hopefully) late-stage-capitalism it is used to describe capital being used to effect the way we relate to resources and effecting by that our social behaviours on behalf of the used capital.
It's like an unegalitarian voting process. (but yes, I see also the need to talk in specific about investing. I was just wondering if supporting/building up/organizing and a like could have also been words to describe what you're going to speak about.
Investment is a specific method part of facilitating the organisation. If we start the discourse from investment we will predefine what options are going to be takin to organize (that is simplified and not completly correct, hope what I was tryn to say came through)

@aral would you be able to post for re-watching another time? I tried to watch the last one but it got postponed due to "breaking news":)

@LPS Sure. Afaik, they broadcast it several times during the day and they also post it on their web site afterwards.

@aral thanks, I was afraid I'd only have one chance

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