The four eras of digital computing:

① Mainframe (centralised)

② Personal Computing (PC 1.0; decentralised)

③ Web/Cloud (Mainframe 2.0; centralised)

④ Peer Computing (PC 2.0; decentralised)

The PC 2.0 era is what some of us are working to usher in.



⑤ Mesh Infrastructure: (decentralized but via partly random patterning, and with intentional clusters and alternate major route pathing, to prevent bottleneck problems and other issues down the line)

⑥ PAN Pipes (when MI has mycelium-esque structures in place, has grown a few intentional clusters or such, and makers start building constellation (numerous tiny things working together) or composite devices (has modular parts usable while in place) easily, with secure site-to-site tunnels)


⑦ Web 4.0 (3.0 having crashed and burned by being a failed attempt to patch up 2.0, 4.0 comes from a number of new and old standards bodies working together to try to build a less pointlessly overengineered system of webbery)

⑧ Mad Max dystopia (sorry, there's one in every future, hopefully it's a short one)

⑨ The cheese stands alone.

@aral lol so fully envious of your domain name. Nice!

Also this is a great read and super curious about the project.

Love this:
[I do not use your crappy confusing dog’s arse of an application not because I do not care about my privacy or because I lack the necessary technical knowledge but because my name is Amanda and I’m a brain surgeon who works over 60 hours a week and has three kids at home]

@aral I don't understand what Hypha is. Do you have more released about it than "a new personal network system based on DAT"? :)

@0x11de784a Nope :) It’s just what I’m calling the series of spikes and experiments and whatever modules/tools/system that comes out of it. I’m exploring it publicly so keep an eye out and you’ll learn about it as I do :)

@aral Ah alright, makes sense and sounds interesting!

@aral I really like this approach of deployment single nodes.

In regards to domain/dns automation you may want to look at Terraform. You can find plugins for many providers. It can also be used for setting up initial infrastructure.

@comzeradd Hey Nikos, thanks; it does seem promising.

I’ve heard of Terraform. Will take a deeper look when I get a moment.

@aral @maloki

Remember, operating systems you can access via the web browser? I wonder if they’ll either make a comeback or grow in popularity if they can be decentralised. Kinda like the fediverse with lots of instances of them, hmmm

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