Deployment Spike 1 is complete.

Postmortem: We can get a Node app deployed in ~2.5 minutes for developers who want to deploy their own Hypha node in the future.

Philosophy: deployment-first development/experience-driven development

Tools: mkcert (TLS on localhost), multipass (orchestrate local Ubuntu instances with cloud-init), PM2 (production process manager for Node.js)

Blog post:

Source code:


PS. Also in philosophy: single-tenant web applications/servers as unprivileged nodes in a p2p network. (That’s the core philosophy out of which the other points arise.)

@aral I've been thinking of personal servers as an approach for dealing with the clientization of the internet. "Peers" have to route their communications through servers to talk to other peers, but maybe that's OK, since servers also allow asynchrony. (We don't have to be online at the same time to communicate.)

@varx I'm not honestly sure what @aral is on about yet, though I expect it will be really cool when I get it. In the meantime, what you said here made me think of Scuttlebutt, have you seen that?

@matthewkrauss @aral I haven't dug into SSB much, because the last time I tried to, the design overview was very spare. From what I know, it's a distributed, multi-transport journaling system that uses a hash chain for protection against modification by attackers.

I might draw some ideas from it, but I don't want to use it directly, because I personally feel that total immutability is a terrible property in social media software.

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