The cleverest tyrants know that the easiest way for an unjust system to perpetuate itself isn’t to fight, imprison, or kill its freedom fighters, it’s to employ them.

Violence against black activists 


This... isn't true though..?

Like... there's a storied history of the US government, just to name one, bombing and killing and locking up black activists seeking to end white supremacy.

I get what you're trying to say I think..? But this enters dangerous territory wrt erasing the legacy of the activists, resistance leaders etc who've been killed in the system's perpetual war to keep oppressions alive.

@Gaynebula @aral That just means the US government partly lacks or lacked this insight, or there were other forces than effectiveness affecting their decisions.

Violence against black activists 

@Gaynebula I didn’t say that it is the only technique – all your points are true. I said it’s a technique employed by the cleverest. Context: neoliberalism/capitalism’s ability to own both the problem and the solution.

@aral historical evidence. In 1970 the new Mexican president, Luis Echeverria, thought that the main threat in Mexico was a Cuban-inspired Marxist revolt. There were two guerrillas operating at the time in the country. His strategy was to pretend to be leftist, to give amnesty and jobs to dissidents, and wage a dirty war against those who wouldn’t accept the jobs

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