If you understand why the American Lung Association would never be sponsored by Philip Morris but you don’t see a problem with a CopyLeft/FSF-sponsored conference also sponsored by Google, either you do not see CopyLeft/FSF as the American Lung Association or Google as Philip Morris. Given that the latter is a valid analogy, maybe we need an Ethical Technology Foundation that _is_ the equivalent of the ALA so it’s equally unthinkable that they would be sponsored by the Philip Morris of tech.

@aral Note that governments tax tobacco but don't tax surcaps. So they don't perceive the latter as a problem.

@aral Anyway, please start one - I want to throw money at it when it arises.

@aral My issue with G👀gle is more a privacy one than a software-freedom one. So, no, I don't think the analogy is valid in its entirety.
(Yes, I am aware of their AGPL ban)
I mean, software-freedom and G👀gle aren't (direct) opposites; privacy and G👀gle are.
For a better analogy, FSF should be replaced with the EFF or something else that's more about privacy than software-freedom.
(I have a problem, though, with G👀gle sponsoring *any* conference)

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