Just popped up on my XPS 13 updates:

“This update integrates the BIOSConnect feature into Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery. This feature connects the system to the Dell image server to download and recover the operating system.”

Umm… how about no, Dell, do not connect my BIOS to the Internet thank you very much.

Wtf is wrong with these people? *smh*

@ninja @thegibson Why would I format and install Linux over Linux? Or should I try to install Linux on the BIOS? ;P

Im on Linux too and never saw a dell bios update (also running XPS 13)

Was the update from within UEFI bios? 🤔

@ninja Take a look in GNOME Software if you have it. As I recall I had to mess around with some settings (of course) before I could install the BIOS updates.

@aral Oh I see! I'm using KDE neon, no wonder I didn't get it 😆​

We are a lot actually ... Even if it's hard for some people to understand why it's not good .... Everything is about a way to educate them about privacy and why it matters

@aral looks like this is only for fetching images off the internet on user request - it shouldn't happen on its own or leave your BIOS exposed to remote access exploits, I think? :blobthinking:

@aral though this does makes me wonder at which point does it starts up the Ethernet driver and tcp/ip stack o_O

@aral Dell taking a page out of the Apple playbook then?

@aral sounds like they are striving for feature parity with MacOS internet recovery which has been a thing since the early days of MacOS X.

@aral that's what we get when we un-teach users how to install operating systems.

Computers should augment, not automate.

Smh too.

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