So fixed the certificate expiration issue that disabled all your extensions. All you have to do to get the fix is to check:

✅ Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla

✅ Allow Firefox to install and run studies


(Don’t forget to turn these off right after your extensions show up again. I restarted the browser but not sure if that’s necessary.)

They will spy on every data they want ?

quit firefox is the solution

@aral Sadly, that's not built in to the OpenBSD package, so I had to install the .xpi hotfix manually. Everything works, but Mozilla has left a nasty scar on me.

@aral thanks for posting about this ; I had noticed the problem and was concerned, but thought it would resolve itself. Their decision to use User Studies as a way to fix things seems rather bizarre doesn't it?

@aral Just setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false in about:config worked for me

@swedneck Assuming you know what you’re doing (and won’t be installing any new extensions and have turned auto updates off until you implement a proper fix) but this isn’t a good suggestion for everyday folks (it creates a security hole).

My stupid Firefox has been fine until 5 minutes ago. Now it is showing my extensions ok but it will not load ANY web page including my internal servers! Wow was this a major mess up!

@aral Thank you. It's hard to know exactly what is going on, but on a machine where those settings were already present, it seemed that merely going in and out of settings to look for them was enough to get things working.

On another machine, where they were disabled, they appeared a few seconds after quitting settings.

So no restart (and logging into up to 10 tabs requiring 2FA) required. Thankfully.

@aral: Can I uncheck them again once my addons are working again?

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