Ghostwriter is a lovely little distraction-free writing tool for Linux.

(Available on GNOME Software and the Pop!_OS store and probably elsewhere also.)

@aral I also described the way I create documents with pandoc here:

You may want to take a look.

@ekaitz_zarraga Thanks, man. Just skimmed; will have a proper read soon :)

@aral "on GNOME Software" is not a thing I think? It usually points to the distro repo and may point to flathub/snap

@charlag Yeah, but that’s an implementation detail ;)

@aral @charlag a pretty important implementation detail, considering nothing shows up on gnome software for me in arch linux unless i also install flatpak and add flathub... although i do concede that most people in that case know how to use AUR :)

@aral I use it in portable mode - - essentially to write drafts for docs. It does the job - and I ask no more.

@manuelcaeiro I did before I wrote that. Based on the description it didn't make sense to me why you'd use that for a desktop machine. I played around with it briefly and its different modes through the desktop and it seems to have all the features needed for distraction free editing.

@hankg It makes sense if you have to work on several different machines and you don't want, or you're not allowed, to install on each of them the same software. So, you have the software on a USB or a external HDD - that's why they call it portable.

@manuelcaeiro Ah interesting. I was using it on Mac so it was just a bundle that executes from whereever and can save to anything plugged in. I guess maybe for other platforms it isn't as compact.

@hankg Oh! You use a mac... You don't happen to have golang installed on it, do you?

@manuelcaeiro I use Linux mostly and some Mac. I do not have Go installed anywhere though. I thought of experimenting with it but I kind of got sucked into .NET Core land playing with Avalonia UI Framework.
@aral I got it building on macOS since they don't have a pre-built app right now. Looks pretty neat. Love I can use it on my Linux machines especially. That's a pretty hard requirement for apps for me now.
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