@manuelcaeiro Haha, I should check if I’ve already replied to toots before I do :) Well, triple thanks :)

@aral this looks exciting. Here’s to gaining traction against the monoliths!

@aral hey Aral, congratulations. I’ve noticed that in the sentence ”the latest evolution of Hypha, Indienet” both links lead to localhost.

@celareartem Ah, thank you, will fix asap (still on the plane and running out of bandwidth again and now there’s quite a bit of turbulence) 🤢

@celareartem Hey Artem, thank you (and thank you for reporting the broken link, I appreciate it) – fixed :) ar.al/2019/08/26/introducing-s

@aral bug report: the og:description tag includes some custom css (for that article at least)

This is really exciting. Supporting you, in what sounds like climate change movements in the 70s before everyone knew what was happening.

Minor typo on the article:
"After five years of working on this problem, I am more excited that ever with where we are and the progress we are making."

I suppose you meant "more excited _than_ ever".

@karanja Thanks so much. That gives me hope to read. And thank you for reporting the typo – appreciate it – fixed :)

@aral very excited about the idea. But there is small bug on the small-tech webpage. On the bottom of the page, the "fund us" button leads you to the 404 error page. Cheers

@lapor Thanks, Kristijan and thank you for reporting the issue – fixed :)

@aral Besides the links to localhost, the "my family has invested three homes to enable our work"-anchor doesn't exist.

@aral that’s wonderful work you’ve been doing! Thank you and all the best for what’s next! 💚

@Jelv Thank you – should be fixed on all the pages :)

@aral @aral Congratulations with your continuing adventure. Hope ‘Better’ will also continue to do the right thing.

@aral This looks really cool. I'd love to see site.js bundled on something like Freedombox to make it even easier.to roll out to more people

@jamesmullarkey No reason why not :) Although perhaps Tincan would be a better fit in the future. But yeah, part of the fun is seeing what it enables. There will hopefully be things I haven’t even thought of :)

@aral They don't have a web server yet as the standard freedombox so possible gap in the market? I'm looking to put my website on my box and make as small as possible so I can power it with a solar panel. Static site could be a good option. :)

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