Wow, just had the Pirates/Greens pick through my EU parliament presentation slides with a fine tooth comb in a phone call and try to get me to change what I’m saying so as not to criticise Facebook, etc. WTF?

Never had anyone try to censor what I say before. Of course I will speak my mind verbatim tomorrow and if anything this means I won’t be accepting any future speaking engagements at the EU parliament for these parties.



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@aral Do you have more details about this? It's very surprising, as I've never heard of Pirates wanting to limit criticism about GAFAM, so wtf just happened? :|

@trwnh @vanecx @aral yeah, what were their reasons for that?

What did they say? It's too elaborate? or what?

@vanecx @aral Don't you remeber some other belgian crews... we where "allowed" to criticise the GAFAM, but there was no willing, neither support to use anything else but Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox and other shits like that.

At the end, I felt censored in my willign to suggest alternatives like the current Mastodon or even the Wiki.

And I've the feeling that it divided us.

We can talk, but not changing.

You can use somthing else than GAFAM but we will still using them.


Yes, I remember that! But even they wouldn't tell us to not criticize Facebook, even if they use it everyday and it's hypocrisy. So I'm not here trying to defend pirates above all, but it just sounds so absurd to me that maybe there is a missing piece in the puzzle that might give it another light.


@aral @Gargron
Very WTF indeed! Especially coming from the Pirates!

@juliareda, care to comment?

@FPinaMartins @aral

Julia Reda is no longer a member of the European Parliament.
But perhaps can help?

@aral strength ✊ and support from me for your presentation. I don't agree with all your positions, but I would never try to censor you. Please continue speaking truth to power.

@aral If you make a speech on their behalf tomorrow, what you'll say might engage their hard-earned "non-radical" reputation.

@Aral Balkan You should add an extra slide to your deck, just mentioning this fact. It's horrendous that they even try!

@harald Thanks. Good to know I’m not the only one that thinks so.

@aral If you wanna talk with someone you can call me on Signal, I think you have my number

@Gargron Hey Eugen, thanks, man. I’m going to go in there and give the talk I’m going to give tomorrow. I hope I will do Mastodon proud and I hope that I will show them how centralised differs from federated differs from peer-to-peer and how Facebook, etc., are scum of the earth and do not deserve a place at the table (they have one tomorrow, of course).

@anna @Gargron Oh I will. I don’t think they understand who I am :)

@aral @anna @Gargron How did it go? (and btw, it's unbelievable that Greens and Pirates would ask you to censor so as to *not criticise Facebook*. WTAF indeed)

@aral @Gargron

may angels sing thee, or valkyries if that's what's needed 😈

(srsly tho, I'm behind you too)

@aral @Gargron

But Aral, you use Facebook yourself? Am I right?

I don't understand. 😮 ☹️

@Federkiel @Gargron I don’t, so you’re wrong. But beyond that, also stop victim blaming people who do use it or are forced to use it and other mainstream technologies because their communities etc. use them or it’s their only means of attempting to engage in modern life or even to protest the platforms themselves. Instead blame the people who invest in and build exploitative tools.

@aral @Gargron

Thank you for information. Yesterday I was on a website, I meant it was yours with a facebook button. So I was wrong, excuse me.

Being active part of "mainstream technologies" and on the same time protest against it - I (actually) have another opinion about that than you. Me too, I don't use them to show others: I survive without, we do not depend on them, we just believe that

BTW: I blame people who build these tools day by day, there is no reason to blame me for that. 🙂

@aral @Gargron But you're *the* facebook criticizing guy. Did they just want you to just show the title and thanks for listening slides?

@NeoTheThird @Gargron I guess. “Just talk about what Mastodon is technically” – yeah, how do I talk about what Mastodon is without talking about Mastodon *is not?*

@aral @Gargron Mastodon exists to fix a problem. Not mentioning that problem would make the whole thing pointless. Good for you for sticking to your guns!

@aral @Gargron what the actual fuck? how did they go about this? what was the reason you where talking with them in the first place?

@aral @Gargron Let me guess – they were #Pirates from Czechia? One Czech MEP told the #fnf19 participants who visited the EP in Brussels a week ago that his party intends to expand their presence on Facebook and "hopefully" Instagram.

When I then asked him to publish everything on the open Web as well, he would not promise anything.

@aral @Gargron The Facebook-friendly Pirate MEP I am talking about is called Mikuláš Peksa (@vonpecka on Twitter), and he is Chairperson of the European Pirates.

@chpietsch In his public answer to Aral, he says he is critical of FB ( The conundrum is well known: if we only communicate on decentralized platforms, we can only reach people who are already convinced. Criticizing the GAFAM on FB may be bad for my karma, but as of now, many people I want to convince can only be reached there.

@chpietsch @Gargron Y’know what, I don’t even know where they’re from. Eugen asked me to do this and I said yes. I would not have expected such a thing from the pirates. But having spent an evening with an ex-pirate MP tonight and heard stories, I’m not surprised.

@aral @Gargron I understand your disappointment. But please do not throw all Pirates in one bin. Patrick Breyer, the German Pirate MEP, is a different story. He attended most of #fnf19.

@chpietsch @aral @Gargron In CZ fb seems to be everywhere. It is not like eg here in germany. And as a german pirate i can say that we do care about decentralisation, and so does Patrick. He maintained his gnusocial-account for years now, and the reason why his birdsite-account is named "echopbreyer" is that it started as a bot mirroring his gnusocial posts.

@aral @Gargron

You'd almost think Facebook owns the world and applied pressure somewhere unethically but in a way not codified yet into law. 🤔

(this is sarcasm, because of course Fashbook would never do that 🤣)

@aral @Gargron The usual answer would be "compromise", because politicians don't have the individual power to make changes, they generally work on trying to get consensus for "one step better" rather than "a complete fix".

So someone is trying to get Facebook to take one step, and you're trying to burn them to the ground? You don't have to play their games.

@yojimbo @Gargron Indeed. And nor will I (play their games). As I told them: I’m independent. I’ll say what I damn well think. And if they want to, they can oppose me. If that’s the hill they want to die on.

@aral @Gargron I don't know the pirates,
but the french Green MEPs are from the "right wing" of the greens...
I don't expect much from them from now on.

Courage to you and keep up the good work <3

@aral God speed you in your quest, show them all that you can! You're one of the best people for that job that I am aware of.

(Disclaimer: In case you are not a God kinda person, please insert your favorite deity or natural force as the first word of the previous sentence and read it again.)

uhm... Did I get that right? Of all people PIRATES/GREENS want that???
@aral @Gargron Don't know what some Pirates in CZ think about fb, but dislikes it so much that he uses ugly gnusocial since years instead. 😉

we don't federate with Gnu Social anymore so the networks are now incompatible.

As a member of the Swedish Pirate Party, that sounds really strange to me. Would you mind sharing some more details, like if it were specific MEPs from a specific Pirate Party, or them in general? I can ask around, but this is a bit too vague, as I don't really know what to ask about. Is there a name or anything for your presentation that I can use to reference it?


Wow !

This is revolting, I had not much faith in politicians, neither do I want to invest time and energy there, but I had the hope there were a few spheres willing to bring changes.

Seems we can't thrust what we think we could... Even, if there must be some individuals invested, appearance is just appearance, hard to thrust for a meaning behind it.

This affair is enough for me.
Let's invest our force elsewhere.

Thank you for being who you are !

@aral @Gargron It's the EU, unless your backup material includes a directorship for someone to retire into and a few cushy sidelines don't expect to change the world. It's a cess pit (and no I'm not a brexiteer - the UK is a cess pit too)

@maximilia @aral
Weiterleitung an @piratenpartei mit der Bitte um Bearbeitung/Beantwortung.

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