The recording of my talk today on the future of Internet regulation at the European Parliament is now available to watch.

Starts at 01:14:00 at web-greensefa.streamovations.b

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Love the scientific argument by Aleksandra Kuczerawy:

* big platforms have great power to decide what's blocked
* big platforms have strong incentives to overblock to minimize liability, unless..
* governments don't "absolve themselves from the responsibility to [...] ensure protection of fundamental rights" -- i.e. not reward, but penalize them from overblocking.

#digitalservicesact #surveillancecapitalism

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron I will admit to having skipped straight to your portion - though I saw snippets (and have read snippets from others who watched.)
Once the workday is over I will watch the entire segment.

This was very important, and you said what I would have liked to have said without my "wandering all over the place and losing the audience."

I am hopeful someone heard something from that and took away that this is something we need to review, change, and make much, much better - NOW.

Because so much of the wonderful world we were trying to achieve with making things like education, art, culture, and openness - making those accessible to others - that's been usurped.

I feel it may be too late but it is also never too late.

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron nice intervention!
What are the next steps regarding this regulation then?

@aral @Mastodon @gargron

Wow, no holds barred ... I'd love to know how that landed with the median audience member. Of course it can't convince friends of FB, but I think the points were actually well made, despite the ..."high energy" delivery. If I had tried this style, I'd have messed up my arguments and ended up looking stupid, but you made it work.

Really liked the response to the chairman's question.


Thanks for speaking truth to power and doing a great job at it.

This is probably the most concise and well-prepared speech I've seen on the topic of surveillance capitalism.

I think this deserves to be made into a short video suitable for easy sharing.

I went through the 700-page book but I am not doing so well in explaining it in a simple and concise manner.


@aral Wow, someone should have handed you a mic to drop at the end of that. Powerfully stated.

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron awesome presentation! It did seem like there might have been an opportunity to talk more about community governance models for content moderation that aren't based in surveillance capitalism/authoritarianism, and that also don't devolve into the responsibility of the individual.

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron just watched the talk, listening to the Q&A now. Thanks for continuing to talk hard and clear!

@aral Thank you! Who will free this video in the #fediverse? Like #PeerTube

@aral Ironically this video site includes googletagmanager (Google Analytics), includes google Fonts and sets cookies without need and without asking for permission (you can only "accept"). This is not what I would expect from neither a website used by the Pirate Party not by the Greens. @Mastodon @Gargron

#privacy #surveillance #capitalism

@kirschwipfel I've been coming across more and more cases where people don't even know they are running these trackers on their sites. They reuse themes or scripts they copy and paste from elsewhere to add something to their site, without any idea what they contain. This is part of my motivation for the #MakeJavascriptOptional campaign, just getting people to think deeper about the minimum their site really needs to serve to users to do its job.
@aral @Mastodon @Gargron

@kirschwipfel I would once have thought the same. Whenever I talk to anybody from the Pirate Party here in the Czech Republic, though, they tell me to get on Facebook to connect with them.

@krozruch Huh? Quite contrary to , MEP of the German Pirtate Party, who is a string advocate for privacy.

@kirschwipfel Undoubtedly different from the situation in many places. Local conditions vary. All I can give is my experience here.. They are aware and informed in some places and some of the folk certainly are aware of FOSS and surveillance capitalism but it does not appear to be a focus for many activists and there is a sense still that Facebook is great for organising and communication.

@aral the way you're enunciating "Facebook" at the start is amazing knowing the context behind it :')

@aral just finished watching the now, stunning talk Aral, thankyou for sharing! :ancomheart:

@aral Great work, though the organizers probably considered it somewhat off the given topic 😉

Still hope some of the people there listened closely.

@aral @Mastodon @Gargron
Loved Chloé's face when the Facebook representative said “[The advertizing] model is of course very respectful of privacy”. Or the laughs on “It is of the utmost importance that any model respects the privacy of individual users. We of course do that [..]”.
Thank you and chloé (EDRi) for taking the stand for us.

Great work @aral would be great to see a video of just your talk on PeerTube ...
@Mastodon @Gargron

Awesome talk. I hope they ask you to present again.
Keep up the great work.
@Mastodon @Gargron

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