After my talk at the European Parliament today, I asked a question at the end of the second panel (03:35:47) and a corporate lobbyist attempted to tone police me (03:44:50). This was my response (03:45:06). If I’d been any younger he’d have heard “OK Boomer” :)


@aral the worst ever thing for centrists is poor language choice

@aral That was Malcolm Hutty of EuroISPA, correct?

Any luck with the slides yet?

audio levels are really a mixed bag there... I could barely hear some of the speakers, while others were rather loud...

Thanks for making us heard regardless.

@aral Well done for speaking out for Mastodon users. How does an ordinary person get invited to contribute to things like that?

@aral my only internet access at the moment is my throttled t mobile Nexus 5 so can you post a transcript?

@aral I cannot watch the video, the site keeps loading/buffering the video endlessly. Neither Firefox nor Chromium work. Is anybody else having similar problems? Is the video available elsewhere?

@andre FF is my default browser yes, and it is all clear here. Opera (chromium-fork) works fine.

Finding another browser that makes this video works is the quickest workaround. And my first try would be Waterfox in your case.

@aral Great speech. Sorta shocked by the pushback you got for this but lapodogs are to be found in all directions i suppose. Thank you for your efforts

@aral Another question is why is the quality of the video "so" poor? Panel participants are cut in half and worse. Audio quality is low. Hmmm ...

@aral And yes Mr. Hutty is just a lobbyist.

@aral on trains but will watch ASAP. Well done for talking about the issues of Surveillance Capitalism and the real risks this has for society. Was reminded today of why this needs to stay away from education and the importance of this stance in my own work. I don’t think a lot of people really get it or are resigned to the end game as is or don’t understand the data is oil issues.

@adamprocter @aral

Amazing and brave speech, i am so thankful for that!!!
👍 👍
People and politicians are so hypnotized concerning the "cool silicon valley",it's so hard and so hard to understand.

@aral I find ok boomer a shit word. Being good or bad has nothing to do with age. Besides that many 'boomers' are raised poorer than young ones, without a warm water tap and without a shower, no central heating. Wait until you are old, I think when a young person is stereotyping older people.

@aral I am a so called babyboomer. We raised our 3 kids without a car. Cycled with them through Europe. Kids no car either, even our son in the UK travels to his work by bike and train. We eat organic for 45 years and still are camping with a canvas tent. We live very low waste.
Once it was a socialist ideal:.everybody a car. They didn't realise about climate then.

@KeaW Hello! As a Gen-Z'er, I just wanted to clarify the meaning of "ok boomer", as I understand it.

It's not really about the actual baby boomer generation, but rather about the backwards logic of a minority of the older generations.

The saying (AFAIK) started after articles blaming millennials for "killing" certain industries, while not acknowledging the
actual reason, and instead blaming them for "buying too much avocado toast" (didn't do that much research, might be false)

(to be cont.)

@KeaW It was originally intended to be just a meme. A witty response to these kinds of articles and similar stuff. However, as with most
of the newer meme culture, older generations didn't understand the meaning, and treated it as an insult. And I definitely see
where they're coming from, as it definitely seems like stereotyping.

Again, the point of it is not to stereotype all baby boomers, but when I think about it, the younger generations also get stereotyped

(to be cont.)

@KeaW by said articles, brands trying to be "hip and cool", or certain memes that make outrageous and frankly pretty cringy logic leaps
generally regarding technology and the younger generations (collectively called "millennials" by the creators of said content)

To end off: While yes, it can seem rude, it originally started off as a joke response for what "we" (younger generations) see as
us getting stereotyped.

(one more post.)

@KeaW And most people seem to think the recent "outrage" over the saying is fair, as "they get to feel what we
feel". However, I'm not going to go into that debate.


p.s: I was pretty distracted while writing all this, so if there's anything that's hard to understand, lmk.

@admicos Thanks. I thought the saying came from an Australian young politician and it became a 'meme' quickly. It is easy blaming a whole generation (all that litter after dance festivals) . Right wing people do that too against young climate protesters. Yes, millenials, the ruling generation, are also under fire.
It is fruitless.

@admicos Greed has no age, the same with the wish to live a comfortable life, to avoid pain, etc. Advertisers know this. That's why tech products are so popular. If you observe a class of children you can see that some traits are in them already at an early age. So it is our common task to restrain, to make laws and to keep them.

@aral @patrickbreyer did say it very well: Lobbyists go in and out and are commercially paid and the european citizens are more or less underrepresented, or not at all.

From my point of view the way to better this situation would not be to ask citizens to participate (this may still be ok and needed), but to hear and invite organizations, which represent the citizens of the EU to the same degree of available time and influence, as the commercially ones are represented. And to enforce this.
@aral Aral, we all know cancer is treated with honey and not aggressive chemo

@aral When he says you should tone down, does he actually mean : "Don't say we're like cancer, please just say Google and Facebook's data collection models are an unprecedented danger to human rights"?

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