Pro-tip: creating better tools to protect the interests of enterprises isn’t going to magically result in better tools to protect the interests of individuals.

If you want to earn a billion dollars making enterprise software, sure, go ahead, waste your life that way, but don’t pretend you’re working to protect human rights or democracy.

@aral As a specialist in corporate mergers, I have dedicated myself to making the world a better place through the power of corporate mergers!

@aral You have some really clear vision of the problem... but then you want to use the same flawed tools that created the problem to try to fix the problems...

How about - cut government down, cut the state down, let people organise themselves. Changing fascism (private sector backed socialism) to communism (public sector backed socialism) is no improvement... You want a 'single instance server' - cool! Individuals, not enforced collectives (left or right)!!

The EU institution is the problem.

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