Apple just killed Offline Web Apps while purporting to protect your privacy: why that’s A Bad Thing and why you should care

One, weird old trick we found is don't buy #iphone.

While everyone is stuck at home now is the time to inform them about the benefits of #FreeSoftware and #FDroid etc. ;)

Interesting to read your article thanks.

How would a person know that a #PWA is actually #opensource though, before the code is executed?

@aral Your post is on hacker news frontpage right now

@humanetech @aral

I also posted my own post there at:

I wrote it after reading Aral's and realizing the PWA I'm building will not be usable by Apple's users.

@humanetech @aral

Thanks! We need more people writing about this. It is an important issue and the more we talk about it, the greater the chances there is some repercussion.

@soapdog @humanetech @aral hmm, after reading the comments in HN I decided to check the WebKit post twice, and they do say "We do not expect the first-party in such a web application to have its website data deleted."

"It is not the intention of Intelligent Tracking Prevention to delete website data for first parties in web applications."

so, we're safe here?

@xerz @humanetech @soapdog Thanks for the heads-up on this update Xerz! But I’m confused. So what does it mean for apps that are not added to the home screen? Also, what does it mean on macOS?

@aral @humanetech @soapdog You're welcome! Web apps that are not added to the iOS homescreen will be wiped after those 7 days of inactivity are counted. macOS versions of Safari are also affected.

@xerz @aral @humanetech @soapdog they say "we do not expect" because they expect that such apps are used often. Source: me

@soapdog Thanks; looking forward to reading yours too (and sorry your app is affected as well – it really beggars belief this.)

@aral oooooof
at work we rely on it to index encrypted mailbox, seems like it won't work anymore? I mean their IndexedDB support was already huge pain in the ass for the last 2 years but it doesn't make it feel better

@aral this explains it better: Yes, it's confusing.
It's not 7 days of non-use, it's seven days of application use without visiting the site.
Safari is one application, the homescreen app is a separate application. Presumably, all the alt browsers or WebView apps are separate applications as well.
Since you can't use a homescreen app without visiting the site, the 7 days of not visiting the site can't happen.

@Jelv Right so, they’ve killed Offline Web Apps. 👏

@aral I've already seen this on twitter. No, they are not. Nothing is ever deleted for web apps you've added to your home screen. The article was updated to reflect that as well. So, false alarm.

@grishka Ah, cool, I’ll just add all my web apps to my Mac’s home screen then. Can you remind me how to do that again?

Also, what about web apps you don’t add to your home screen?

This destroys offline web apps. So not a false alarm.

@aral on Mac you have the freedom to use web browsers that don't suck

@grishka How is that in any way relevant? If your web app doesn’t work in Safari, it’s broken. No one who tries it in Safari only to find their data is deleted after seven days is going to say, oh, Safari sucks. They’re just not going to use your app. Especially given that you’re starting from a disadvantage as a non-native app to begin with.

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