Ooh, look at what just arrived :)

This is the Pro – a $200 ARM-based Linux Laptop.

I’ve only just taken it out of the box and set it up but I am SO IMPRESSED. Amazing build quality, usable performance… this has the makings of a game changer.

Will write more about it as I go.

@aral try out Gnome, it is way snappier than KDE :)

@amdg2 @aral Ah cool. I'm going to start looking for new computers for me and the kids as ours are all old (mine 10+) and it's beginning to show. I've puhsed them as far as I could, I guess.

@amdg2 Mmmbon par contre, Qwerty bwof.

Bon en tout cas merci pour ton article, c'est éducatif !

@panais mais c'est un plaisir :)

On s'y fait au Qwerty, par contre le logiciel n'est pas encore blindé à 100%, il y a des bugs parfois. Rien de bien grave, mais hier j'ai du redémarrer de force suite à un écran noir. Ça arrive rarement, mais ça arrive ;-)

@amdg2 Oh, interesting given how everyone always goes on about GNOME being a slog (I run Pop!_OS/GNOME on my main machine and love it). I’ll probably keep this on what it came with (Manjaro + Plasma) so I have a different enough machine to test with (not to mention the ARM64 processor) ;)

@aral Well, I tried Manjaro with Plasma and it really felt sluggish for the few days I use it. I installed Gnome because it is me DE of choice. It is not blazingly fast but does not feel sluggish.

It is probably due to Wayland being used by Gnome and Plasma.

@aral I have had one for a few months now. I'm pretty impressed with the build quality. The performance leaves a bit to be desired even for browsing on sites with lots of JavaScript going on. It's still an interesting device.

@hankg I’m really impressed. Writing this to you on it right now and the performance is perfectly acceptable (and Mastodon is React so not the lightest interface) :)

@aral HEY SUPER curious about this. My coder buddy told me not to get this because even at the price it was just too weak (he said). So! WAS HE RIGHT? I listened to him.

@aral @BradyDale If you are coding using vim/emacs and straight up C/C++ it may not be too bad. Just to see if it could do it I tried firing up IntelliJ and doing Java development on it. It worked but it was very slow. How much would that have been improved by an NVMe drive over the M.2 (or now SD card as I play with Ubuntu) I don't know but the CPU is definitely a big factor.

@BradyDale It’s not going to match a $2000 laptop like my Dell XPS-13 in performance but yes, it is fully usable. Just testing out VSCodium and I can definitely work in it.

(And I’m writing this to you on it too.) :)

@nino @BradyDale Plasma @ 200% scale with editor fonts scaled down a bit.

@aral This is a great step :) Do you know if the sourcing of the materials is as fair as what's done on the Fairphone side? Open hardware is important but respecting mother nature is more importan than everything. cc @PINE64

@imacrea If you're interested in open hardware, you may want to check out

That said, I'm wondering about the same regarding open hardware on PBP.


@etienne @imacrea I have one of the first betas sitting on my shelf ;)

@aral oh good for you for getting one (and therefore for supporting this project)! 👍


@aral that sounds great! How do you like the keyboard?

@fireglow It’s perfectly functional :)

(My main keyboard is a Topre Realforce so don’t expect me to rave about any laptop keyboard… although the one on my Dell XPS 13 is about as good as they get) :P

@fireglow @aral I find the keyboard pretty solid for a laptop. The trackpad is where the input devices are the weakest on this laptop. It works but not with the level of polish of a System76, Dell, or Apple (etc) laptop.

@aral welcome to the world of Arch-ish OS! Soon you'll crave Arch like the rest of us. LOL.

@danarel I’m going to keep it on that machine so I have a different distro to test with but no, I’m quite allergic to their approach to things. The GNOME / System76 folks are on a good path towards creating everyday technology for everyday people.

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