Party politics is not a long term solution*. To effect radical progressive change, seize the means of communication and abolish the hierarchies.

* This doesn’t mean don’t vote for the least harmful candidate today. Do to reduce immediate harm to the most vulnerable. Just don’t expect it to lead to systemic change.

@aral Mate, “seizing the means of communication” is straight out of the Nazi playbook... of course you don’t mean it like that, but choose your words a bit more carefully maybe?

@ianbetteridge It’s the 21st century equivalent of seizing the means of production. Afaik, Marx wasn’t a Nazi.

(Also, by seizing, I don’t mean taking over newspapers. I mean building peer to peer, non-hierarchical communication infrastructure.)

@ianbetteridge I did. “Seize the means of production” is one of his central tenets.

@aral @ianbetteridge Who controls the means of production of information is really a big question of our time, even though it's not an obvious one. In the world of decentralized systems a lot of things are still ultimately controlled undemocratically by the private owners of data centers.

Data centers are the new multics. The nodes of control. To take back some agency over communications we need to be devising software and hardware systems which make us less dependent upon them. The internet was designed as a system of peers and data centers are really the physical manifestation of the web 2.0 walled garden "everyone on my (virtual) server" business model.

@aral I have this fleeting thought for a while: what if we just abolished parties and each MP were responsible directly to their electorate and they could request a revote if say a 10% of that population signs a petition for it. No delegating your volition to a party, no guarantee to stay in power for X years. What would it be like?

@cadadr @aral The problem would be people changing to quickly in those positions. For a person that really want's to change something a span for lets say 4 years is already very limited. If you can loose your position every other day you won't be able to do long term planing and change. Everything would be up to how well you are perceived in public and that is basically the situation today. Supporting local movements by the people that have long term change as goals would be way better.

@aral It seems like you've radicalized quite a bit recently? I've been following your work for some time and it seems like it's getting more and more explicitly leftist.

@jwinnie Hahaha, yes, I’ve been hugely radicalised. I radically believe in equality and dignity for all and human rights. Sounds like you should stop following me. I’ll go ahead and make that easier for you now.

@aral What? I'm so confused. Why have you blocked me?

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