If you missed the live stream, we had a little WebSocket chat via Site.js running on a $150 PinePhone. You can watch the recording here:


Would it be possible to have this video on Peertube aswell?

@selea Sure. I don’t have a PeerTube instance but downloads are open and it’s under CC Attribution NonCommercial so if anyone wants to host it, that’s great.


I am sure that you can create an account on One of the instances that suits you!
I am not going to upload it on My instance thou, it feels weird to upload other peoples creation :pika:

@aral @selea How about on LBRY? Watching the video right now currently. I wonder if this could be good for writing a blog, but I'm not familiar with coding.


Hey @aral
> downloads are open

I already wondered when I saw it for the first time, but now I'm coming back to it to actually ask:

How do I download that video?! I don't see (might well be me!) a option for it :-(

Sure, I (a somehow techy user) could use youtube-dl, and I guess it would work fine - but shouldn't there be an option in the UI provided by vimeo?


...I dug into it a little bit more:

The vimeo-url is:
...and it doesn't have a download-button.

While you other videos (example: ) do.

So probably there is just a click missing to allow/provide downloading?

@Joachim_Rees Sorry about that Joachim, must have missed it for this video. Just went and fixed it. Downloads should *really* be open now. Apologies for the hassle!


Yes it works! 👍

(-> got the button on the vimeo-link now. I didn't find a option in the embedded video on you site, but that's probably just how it is.)


I feel an honerable mention would be the #beakerbrowser . I would like to know of anyone has gotten it up and running on a lowcost hardwere like the pinephone.
Also think you for introducing me to the term #smallweb. I knew of projects with similar goals to the one you mentiond where we have single tennet web services.

@travisfw @aral ya smallweb is still growing another project included is a revamp of the #GopherProtocol called #projegemini
Which is being worked on by @tomasino .

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