“Transparency has little value without choice.” – Laura Kalbag

Read @laura’s thoughts in this openDemocracy article titled “Designing data transparency – ideas from the community”

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@aral @laura a very nice contribution to the piece, Laura.

Ironic, though, to see the number of trackers in that OpenDemocracy page. Count stands at 11 :)

@humanetech @aral I spoke to them about this. Apparently they’re working on it…

@aral @laura Yes, great stuff - web personalisation gaslights *everyone* because none of us know what anyone else is seeing. The same site/page/url/news-story and we could be seeing entirely different things on screen.

Personal data must be personally controlled - permission given (or refused) to aggregators for a time to present it for others to conveniently access when it suits us.

Myspace returns, but with everyones site hosted on their pine phone. lol!

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