Hey GNOME, can I remap two keys to have my external keyboard usable and have those changes survive sleep/suspend?

GNOME: What are you, a communist?



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(I literally have to manually run xmodmap ~/my-keyboard-customisations every time after returning from a suspend.)

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@aral if your system uses systemd you can do something like what's described here to automatically run commands before and after suspend:

@walruslifestyle Yep, tried that, no go with xmodmap. (Wasted hours.)

@aral You could put this in a .Sh script at boot. I do this on my old laptop to disable the keyboard at every boot

@toad Getting it to work on boot is not a problem. Getting it to persist after suspend is :)

@aral Yes, you are right. My solution won't work after a suspend 😅

@aral worth pointing out it should be implemented in Mutter and/or a GNOME Shell extension because we live in a Wayland world now
@aral what are the keys you need to remap btw?

@xerz ~/` to what is the section key. I’m using the macOS UK layout under windows with a RealForce tenkeyless external keyboard so that’s an essential remap for me.

@aral hmm, while I look into it, maybe choosing a keyboard layout like this could work?
@aral currently seems like a weird situation (so yeah not all use cases are covered)

if you can't find a match on GNOME Tweaks or the available keyboard layouts, the best option might be to create a system boot script (with e.g. a Systemd unit) that runs the `setkeycodes` command. Source:

@xerz Thanks, appreciate the help. Sadly, those don’t work (was one of the first things I tried) :)

@aral And former AmigaOS users who remember its philosophy of extreme configurability shed yet more tears as the systems of today diverge yet further into the very abyss that Apple's 1984 commercial promised to shatter.

Gnome: "You don't have to use Gnome. We can't make a usable UI. If you can, more power to you."

AmigaOS input.device in 1985: *brrrrrrrrrrr*

I guess (those specific devs of) #GNOME want to turn a Linux where user configuration is of key importance, to a Windows/macOS where the OS dictates what choices you have.
Our way, or pick another highway.

But seriously, what valid objection could there be to providing a stable hook?

@mrmcq2u Isn’t that for keyboard shortcuts, not keyboard remapping? (I might be missing something.)

@aral You political knowledge is quite infantile.

@shiba And your mama is fat. I guess we find ourselves at an impasse.

@aral But unlike you she loved me enough to give me an education.

@shiba Ssh, you’re going to hurt the feelings of my master's degree (not that that crap means anything).

When you make assumptions about people you don’t know, it makes you look dumb. You should reconsider doing that.

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