Facebook, Google, etc., are never going to change – they’re financially successful because of their toxic business model. Just like Big Tobacco is still Big Tobacco and Big Oil is still Big Oil, Big Tech will remain Big Tech.

Regulate the crap out of them and invest in Small Tech.

@sb_51_ @aral GT-MAFIA: Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Apple.


or just let antitrust suits sodomize them

or allow users a cause of action to sue for censorship

@aral You can't regulate Big Tech without also regulating Small Tech as collateral damage. GDPR and other regulation has strengthened Big Tech against Small Tech.

@gasull Yes, you can.

This is how you do it:

Not only would that castrate surveillance capitalism without affecting Small Tech, but it would also lead to investment in alternatives such as Small Tech.


@aral I agree, but that sounds very different than "regulate the hell out of Big Tech". The theoretical GDMR has just 2 paragraphs.

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