If you need to convince your friends to use Wire or Signal instead of Facebook’s WhatsApp, tell them to watch this talk I gave OVER SIX YEARS AGO:

@aral convincing friends is not that hard, issue is convincing all those people you barely know but must communicate with, and businesses and doctors and clients. unfortunately here in brazil, for now anyway, there is no alternative :(

@olivia @aral you can just send everyone a link to download. If advertiser can do it, so can we

@aral no offence, but convincing with reasonable arguments didn't work in the past. The best results I had was just to tell them "its the cool kid of messengers" or "it is the new technology" or some other bullshit buzzword thingy.

Most people don't want to listen to "boring" technical, moral and logic arguments. They want to be cool, edgy and stylish. And I can safe a lot of my lifetime ;)

@aral convince them to use is easy, convince them to stay is hard af

@aral Totally unrelated : as a non-native english listener, you're such a great speaker ... I understand every single word, thank you for that 🖖

@danslerush Thanks, man. I do try especially when speaking to non-native-English-speaking audiences :) 💕

I did not know this video and it's really great, thanks!
Would you know if some people already made subtitles for it somewhere? Since you took the time of transcribing it, I was hoping it might already exist...
I'd help me share it with people who are really not confortable with English.

@silmathoron Hiya :) Not sure about the subtitles, CCing in @laura just in case. Would be nice to have but not sure how easy it would be to create from the transcript via something like Thisten (can we use an existing text?)

@aral Amazing talk Aral! I'm going to share this one - a lot :)

Great to see that Bits of Freedom has already found you in 2014. Amazing that you and other human rights activists are doing so much important work to improve digital literacy.

I have immediately suggested that the UT also invites you for a guest talk!

@Erik Thanks, Erik. And happy to consider it once this epidemic is over (or perhaps virtually, before) :)

@lps Thanks! :) *my- six-year-earlier-self bows*


"5. Symbolic data doesn't spread vertically, e.g. from the person or the institution maintaining the server online to your computer (it would be the real product, be it articles or a communications interface, whose diffusion justifies the cost of the server), but circularly, because it's shared according to its proximity with a given way of thinking, that of the account that's shared it, which we follow because it fits to the way of thinking of an anterior following.

6. We use an account to follow contents centered around our own interests, which will be normatively defined, by the accounts we follow and sharing these interests, as that which are the most legitimate, the most sacred in durkheimian terms. An embedded user of these platforms will be extremely egocentric, and will tend to consider every reported social setting from the point of view of their own social relationships."

An article about isolation and the way "social media" are actually platforms predating the need for distant assisted sociability.

@aral Great speaker who is clearly passionate about the subject. 👏

Thanks @aral
'' don’t need conspiracy theories when you have this simplicity of business models...''
I love the sarcastic humor of this talk

I hope over 6 years we stay in a more human-respectful situation than now!

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