Heads up: Small is Beautiful – our live stream on Small Technology – will henceforth be monthly, not weekly (so there’s no stream today).

This month’s stream is scheduled for the third Thursday (Feb 18, 2021) at 5PM UTC and will feature Paul Frazee (Beaker browser) to talk about his new decentralised social network project, CTZN.

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@aral every time I see this pic, I can't help but think that both of you are listening to the can, and so no one is speaking and there's nothing to hear

@brad We’re listening to other people ;) (I mean, I just made that up, but hey, I also studied critical media theory for four years so I’d hardly say it’s unheard of) :P

@aral I've been listening to his livecoding on CTZN and it sounds like an interesting project. There have been p2p socnets around for many years, but so far none has gained much popularity. Perhaps this one will fare better.

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