Whenever you say “but it doesn’t matter if X gets funded/sponsored by Google, Facebook, etc.” you’re basically pissing in the faces of those of us who would rather struggle than accept their dirty money and legitimise those surveillance capitalists or compromise our integrity.

Show us, please, "faces of those of us who would rather struggle than accept dirty money" from capitalists.
What did they do for living?
What do they do for different future? Did they establish cooperative with non-capitalistic distribution?
Did they invent and use non-capitalistic, interest-free money systems?
If they struggle, it is only due to lack of intelligence, honesty and will.

@aral Your point is clear, but why do you have to be so harsh? This is not needed and hurts your reputation.


@marco @aral @che does feel a bit like a bridge-burning spree...

...but I also see this is personal: Aral mentions that *he* has refused such money (presumably after multiple opportunities to get it) and is pissed off with people who uncritically accept it. That's fair.

Indeed, I think it's good Aral takes a hard-line on this, marking a moral line in the sand. I just hope this can be done without demotivating people who are 'on the team' but are forced to deal with the corps.

@douginamug @marco @aral @che I think the other guy started the harsh here...stating that people who don't accept the money are lacking intelligence, honesty, and will?

They do accept money - Euro, Pounds, Bitcoins and supporting capitalist economy anyway. Anyway they are selling themselves. And I see this is not a big difference to whom, to corps, to small capitalist business or to consumer which is core part of the system...
@douginamug @marco @aral

On the contrary @marco. When @aral recognises someone sneering and arguing “You want to reject bad things, and yet you live in society! Gotcha!”, telling that person to go fuck themself is a benefit to one's reputation.

@marco @che Maybe because I’m not a politician and I’m not looking to build a reputation. Being told to my face that I don’t exist and, that if I do, I’m either lying or an idiot isn’t something I’m going to respond to with “please, sir, may I have some more?” I don’t understand why people assume that those of us trying to unfuck this mess are meant to walk on eggshells while dickheads get carte blanche to shit all over us. If you’re looking for Mother Theresa, look elsewhere; I ain’t it.

@aral @che The irony of "che" saying people who don't work with capitalist "lack intelligence."

@aral @che

I like very much! Nice, clean web site (both in appearance, responsiveness, also in the underlying HTML). I was reaching for some of the same ideas, but coded in Python. Built upon BaseHTTPServer class, made many services, then refactored into some middleware:

I write HTML/CSS by hand, so no Hugo overhead. And I don't find modern JS to need any extra layers.

Looks they) are really good people. Thanks. I didn't know about them. Their motivation is great!
Their efforts focused at important but quite narrow sector of economy. May be somebody struggles against capitalism at another field and also seeing them as capitalism collaborators)

@aral @che don't take it so much at heart, this is most probably a kid

I like you started you project as non-profit. I believe this is done as protection from possible takeover by corps and also as to show your good will. It is very evident how this is important for you. Same as for me.

Sorry, for my first retoot, it was a bit rough)
It is done a lot, but far from being enough.
I am with you... by 90% 😉


I see you license your code under AGPLv3.
Could you check The Anti-Capitalist Software License
It sets certain conditions for labor organization, so private companies and corps could not use it.
With AGPLv3 corps still could use it and abuse it making software as service.


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