A new record: I’m now following -2 people on Twitter.

Ever since I unfollowed everyone – why? For my peace of mind… see ar.al/2021/05/10/hell-site/ –Twitter’s lost the plot. Today it showed me following two people. When I clicked through, it was four. Unfollowed them and…

(If they’re messing this up, what else are they messing up while filtering and moderating your reality and analysing and categorising you?)

@aral oh wow! It keeps going! I thought it was an UI bug one time but this seems more :thinktink: Birdsite is breaking down :blobcatgiggle:


@stux Yeah. Very odd. Documenting them; will write a post about it soon.

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@aral Nice! Keep is informed, I’m interested in what happens😸♥️

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