“As young female scholars coming from the Balkans, we have often been subjected to pedagogical politics on what and how we should research our own region, and how we should navigate our supposed innate biases so that we can make our academic work ‘legitimate’ and ‘objective’.”


“…what has also brought us together is the love we have for pluralistic and decolonial knowledge and the region that we still call home, because of our very own heritage, memories, and families who still live there.

With that in mind, we are committed to work and help nurture an academic environment that is more rooted in friendship, equity and solidarity, rather than one that is geared towards corporate competitiveness, benchmarks and matrixes.”

Love this.



Anyone know of any similar initiatives in academia? Especially in tech?

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@aral Sure thing! A few good friends are involved in that project. Incidentally, they're from ex-Yugoslavian countries too — I'm sure there's a good lesson on socialism and solidarity in there somewhere. :)

Where ? Worldwide or in the former Yugoslavia ?

@hyde Worldwide. Heck, if in Ireland (where I live), even better. Would love to get more involved in education again – especially with the stuff we’re about to release on small-web.org – but not with any university departments that are in the pocket of Silicon Valley.

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