Mozilla: donate your voice to us so we can build an open source dataset!

Me: so will Big Tech companies like Google – which gives you half a billion dollars every year and which you owe your existence to – be able to use it?

Mozilla: Yes, we’re licensing it under CC0 for that purpose.

Me: You could license it under ShareAlike and avoid that…

Mozilla: What? Who?

Me: You’re not really what you say you are, are you?

Mozilla: ssh, don’t rock the boat!

@aral People don't like it when I say Mozilla is a Google funded company


It would be good to have a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to develop a free/libre web browser or to help development of such a browser.

@mstrohm Yep. It could be publicly funded and independently run.

@aral I wish my university library would understand this point--- but unfortuantely, they also encourage me to share everything so that Big Tech can make Big Money 😠

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