Funny how it’s the folks that own a huge number of servers that want you to go serverless, isn’t it?

Almost like they want a world where a tiny group of people get to own stuff and everyone else has to rent from them and on their terms… hmm… 🤔️

@aral My server is literally a Raspberry Pi sitting in a box on top of the destkop lol


* I don't need to trust <insert bigtech company here> with stuff I store
* Came almost for free because I already had an unused Pi
* Full access to data in case of failure. If the server in the cloud™ dies after a bad kernel update, it's usually hard to get the disk snapshot, here I can just eject the SD card and mount it into the main system, even chroot into it to fixup configuration.

* Bad for running a website (which I don't anyway) because ISPs are horrible

@josias @aral Mainly an IRC bouncer, also I want to use it for backups using something like bupstash and as a generic aarch64 runner

Even our server ist not much bigger on my desktop, running debian 7/24. It's a refurbished ThinkCentre and noiseless. The former servers ran in big cases making huge noise an consuming much power without any additional benefit.
Serverfarms are mostly not neccessary except for people who earn money for nothing

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