Almost 5,000 people – security & privacy experts, cryptographers, researchers, professors, legal experts and Apple customers – have signed the open letter to decry Apple’s plans to undermine privacy and end-to-end encryption.

Apple has called us “the screeching voice of the minority.”

Join us! Let’s show King Tim what the screeching minority thinks of his plans to violate personhood in the digital network age.

Correction, Apple didn’t call us “the screeching voice of the minority”, they circulated a memo internally that called us “the screeching voice of the minority.” I pulled everything except for one image from my apple devices. A big old middle finger.

@aral you need more trannies. "screeching voice of the minority" has always worked, so long as said screeching voices are those of trannies.

Hey! There is a way to transfer this protest to another mean?

I'm thinking about concerned people without M$ GitHub account. That doesn't sound good to ask them to open an account to join the protest...

@dubs120 @aral No one has to create an account to join the protest. You don't have to sign this exact letter to protest against this change. Be creative, write an article, send a friendly mail to your representative about the issue, …

This open letter is just a tool in the process. So don't worry :)

Show it. Just don't buy anything of this company anymore!

@2342 Oh, that’ll fix it? Why didn’t I think about that. Thanks! :)

@2342 Yessir! Right away, sir! Whatever you say, sir!

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