Oh my goodness, what fresh hell is this?

“Impress landlords and agents with a digital link to your tenant CV.”

Impress landlords? For the privilege of paying them thousands every month? You can fuck right off. It’s time to burn capitalism to the ground.

PS. Warning: If you’re thinking of renting do not, I repeat, do NOT move to Ireland.

Then again, what do you expect when the main real estate web site is called “”

“Apply now for the chance to pay my mortgage and then some.”

– Capitalists prior to the revolution

*cough* *cough*
Housing crisis under capitalism
*cough* *cough*
Free State

@aral We need a law which limits the purchase of real estate to 1 property in which to live, and a form for all other situations. Same shit here French Alps - Lac Léman

@aral so we have reached the "be a nice slave" stage of late capitalism huh?

@antanicus Sounds like we’re one step away from pledging fealty at this point.

@antanicus @aral I have truly come to appreciate why some societies had found it necessary to have a class liquidation event...

@tychosoft the guillotine is a tool of social emancipation. Period.


@antanicus @aral Be competitive in the marketplace of tenants 🤪🤢

WTF ?! How even some idiots sat down to think : this is a good idea ! Insane...

@aral o.o

God some people are such fucking bootlickers it's infuriating 🤮

@spacekookie @aral What would you choose to do when the system is rigged such that it’s lick or bridge?

@ArneBab @aral Fight the system? Riot? Squat? Organise with your neighbourhood? Grow your own food? Make your own meds? Take care of yourself and your community, and help others have the strength and energy to do the same?

Find a local antifa/ anarchist/ whatever group and join their meetings. Get involved in their political actions. Meet people to fight alongside with.

Don't just mindlessly sit at home and yearn for a better time where the system isn't rigged. Make the system irrelevant!

@ArneBab @spacekookie Literally anything else? I don’t know about you but my tongue wasn’t made for licking boots. It never has, it never will. It’s no way to live.

@aral @ArneBab I mean, if that's your kink then I don't judge but it should be based on consent and trust 😂

@ArneBab @spacekookie @aral you can't fault people doing what they have to do to get housing, say. but at a minimum we can hope they do it with scorn, hatred, and resentment building an openness to destroying the system that made that concession necessary.

Well, sharing your rent applications by email is a terrible idea, my dad got his identity stolen because of this. Someone was able to get banking credits on his back. A platform behaving has a safe intermediary between tenants and landlords seems a good idea from a security pov. But I agree that the presentation of the features ("impress landlords" "tenants CV") seems really awful...

@aral The Capitalist maxim; from each according to their ability; to each according to their existing wealth and greed.

Hi Aral, I guess from your toot that you haven't found a flat yet. How are you and Laura holding up?

@globcoco Hey Coralie, it would probably be a little easier if I didn’t start losing the will to live every time we start looking again :) We’re fine, really, all things considered. We’re lucky enough to know we’ll find a place even if it’s not exactly what we want. A lot of folks have it far worse. I’m irritated by what we have to go through and furious when I imagine what those less fortunate than us have to deal with. This system is so inhumane that I don’t know how some folks sleep at night.

@aral Aral, you are so clear and honest and reading you is doing a lot of good out there. For me it does. But I have to say that Ireland is where my heart is and I have to admit I want to come asap. There are quite a few things that bogs me down there but some amazing things that I want to be part of. Much more than in France.

@globcoco Thanks. It’s not all doom and gloom. It is a lovely place and the people are usually very friendly. And nowhere’s really great under late-stage capitalism at the moment. Let us know when you do and if we can help in any way we will.

@aral Your offer really touches my heart.
I actually have applied for a job in Wicklow a week ago and i still don't have an answer. i'd like to come asap. Like if I could this week ^^.
The city you're living close by is the first one i was when I came to ireland 25 years ago

@globcoco Feel free to DM me details when you have them and we can do what we can to help from here. And best of luck with the move.

@aral Thank you so much for this offer. I will definitely will let you know. I would love to meet you in the flesh. Right now what I have is your conferences and your videos ^^
Your presence feels great and aligned with your ethics. You clearly embody those! Love that!
Thanks again Aral.😊 ❤️ ☀️

@aral And i remember this beautiful market. Ok I really have something quite visceral about markets... Don't mind me.

@aral Hi Aral, I completely understand and it is so frustrating to see that happening! I would like to ask: Is it the same everywhere in Ireland or only in those big cities like the one you are in?

@globcoco Everywhere. Worse in the big cities. (We’re actually quite a bit outside one of the big cities.)

@globcoco (Post COVID, there’s actually a lot of interest in more rural places and lots of folks – like our landlord – are selling their places to make a quick profit.)

@aral Gosh! Are there other movements that are showing up as well. You are the one who is showing that everyone should own his own part of the internet. Are there people who have a similar view on what is happeing land wise?

@aral Are there people putting their heart in the right place to change this profit first to caring first regarding land?

@globcoco Donno, you should ask the folks working at Facebook, Google, etc., who are the ones who can afford to buy those places.

@aral Well I don't speak to those. They freak me out. I stopped being on "Fessebouc" (french saying "goatee buttock" because it sounds the same!), I loath Whatsapp, insta and the likes. And I really have to stop LinkedIn asap!

@aral No thanks! Would you believe we purchased a home for LESS than we were paying in rent?!

@calculsoberic Yep. Mortgages usually are. You just need the initial lump sum and to jump through hoops and the bank still actually owns “your” house for the next 30 years (but you can at least stay there if you keep up payments have and you end up paying double the listed price with interest but it’s STILL cheaper than renting… it’s SO messed up.

@aral Oh, absolutely! Yes I know about the bank part, for better or worse. At the very least, ours is reasonably affordable compared to some.

@aral The intentions are good but this has dystopian vibes.

t. son of a landlord

@aral and it is not the only one. Have seen some weeks ago an advertisement which offers a service to tune your CV for job applications as the entry border is more often “secured” by an non human / some algorithm.

@aral as someone who spend half of year looking for a house to rent I can assure you it's hell. One of the landlords was willing to rent a 3 bedroom house only to family with one kid.

@stampirl Well, basically, they can do whatever the fuck they want. And that’s part of the problem. You’re at the whim of who-knows-who.

@aral It really is absurd to expect people to grovel to you in order to pay you money instead of the reverse. It might have started to be normalized by the college admissions process. But wherever it started, it's degrading and it needs to end.

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