@aral hasnt apple spent the past 2 decades being the only good company on protecting user privacy? i hate everything else about apple but im pretty sure this has been there one really good issue til now.

@PapaPol @aral hmmm actually no. For example, they didn't make iPhone backups encripted bc the FBI/NSA (I do not remember who now) said no. And Apple helps a lot the CCP in China. So... They sucked, they suck and they continue to suck even more

@PapaPol @aral to my understanding, apple used to be good with privacy, but then steve jobs died and then they joined prism.

@PapaPol @aral

In case this is not sarcasm Apple has a horrible track record with privacy.

It is part of prism and shares data with the us goverment.
Shares data with the Chinese goverment. Has no encryption on cloud backups. Sends hashes of every application you install back to their servers.
Also they record all the siri conversations and analyze them.

These are just some from the top of my head.

@msavoritias @aral yeah im wrong. i just had this memory of several instances of apple refusing to put back doors into their encryption and and it interfering in some criminal investigations and feds being pissed about it. whatever. youre right. they suck

@PapaPol @aral

No worries. They have a good marketing team. I will give them that.

@PapaPol Let me know what you think once you’ve had a chance to read my post :)

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