Folks using elementary OS 6.0 (Odin), will you help me beta test Catts (a Calmer Alt + Tab Task Switcher?)

I’d especially love to know if the installation process is clear and works for you or if you experience any issues.

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@david Yay! Sounds like the installation worked for at least one person based on a tweet. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you :)

@aral Added an issue for the error that I had. 🙂

Apologies if it's something stupid I am doing. (very possible 😅 )

@david Hey no, it’s the frustration of shells being incompatible :) I just updated the warning message so that it doesn’t contain an exclamation mark so it doesn’t bork Bash.

It should work now. Can you follow the instructions again and let me know how it goes? (And thanks again) :)

@aral Works! 💚 . And not only does it work, it actually fixes the thing that I was hating today about the task switching in Elementary.

Thank You 🙏

@aral Running Catts and loving it. Thanks Aral. BTW what code editor/IDE do you use on Elementary?

@drh Lovely to hear :) I pretty much use VSCodium for everything these days :)

@drh (Installed via apt, unless I’m misremembering.)

@aral Rad! Are you not too worried about vicariously supporting Microsoft? 😅 If you weren’t using VSCodium what would be your second choice?

@drh Hence Codium and not Code :) If was to not use anything linked in any way to an evil corporation, I’d have to go live in a hut with no running water or electricity. So I try to do the best I can.

(You can look at Code, which comes with the OS, Sublime Text, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Emacs, Vim, nano… depending on your needs.) :)

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