“The boost in vaccinations comes amid a devastating wave of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths driven by the hypertransmissible delta variant, which now accounts for nearly all cases in the US. The surge stands to rival the country's worst wave of the pandemic, which peaked in January 2021 with average daily new cases around 200,000. The country is now averaging over 130,000 cases a day, and that figure is still climbing.”

Please get vaccinated.

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(If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the countries that’s hoarding the vaccines from the rest of the world… because profit before people is a great long-term strategy, I guess. I wonder if those dickhead spreadsheet wizards understand how variants arise. More than likely they do, but who cares, because profits amirite? Asshats.)

And those of you looking down on and ridiculing folks who don’t want to get vaccinated, maybe consider – yet again – who the real villains are here.

Edward Snowden explains it beautifully: “conspiracy theories do not inculcate powerlessness, so much as they are the signs and symptoms of powerlessness itself.”

(And I specifically exclude bigots & the alt-right, etc., from this. Fuck those fascists. I mean folks who are getting screwed by the system and disinformation.)

So what does all that mean?

It means fix your fucking system so it’s worthy of being trusted and don’t be surprised if people find new, novel, and quite possibly entirely nonsensical ways not to trust even those aspects of your system that may deserve trust because, in general, they’re right not to trust it for the much more mundane reason that it’s built on the worship and glorification of the few exploiting the many.

You bind science to corporate greed and then get surprised when those who don’t trust corporations stop trusting science also.

You teach us to respect, worship, and glorify supernaturalism and irrationality and then get surprised when we end up with dogmatic attachments to other sets of nonsense.

Those of us who want our societies based on social justice, science, and reason aren’t lofty idealists or hippies. We want this because the alternative is so foolish, so shortsighted, that it isn’t even in the long-term interests of those who benefit the most from it today. Was the profit from your patent worth the death of your child from the variant that might not have existed were it not for your patent? Will you breathe your wealth when you can no longer breathe the air? We must do better.

@aral dude I'm really sorry to tell you this but... You've been diagnosed with terminal faggot niggerism.

Who cares if the fucking boomers die.

Not taking the jewvax. Sorry.

@SchizoZoomer Wow, fuck right off back under the rock you crawled out of you racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic piece of shit.

@everlastingrocks I know it when I see it; neo-nazi racist cunts by a different name. Or, if you prefer longer reads:

Does that include anyone critical of CRT (such as I think this quote from that page expresses).

Is it possible to disagree with critical race theory without being alt-right?

I read op on Nash ewuilibria only yesterday. (The only thing xA Beautiful Mind doesn't do justice):

Every player in the game is at a local optimum where a change in their behaviour would worsen their personal outcome -- unless the other players also change theirs.

The best way to get out of it is to change the rules. The fastest way is to introduce more players who don't know the rules...

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