Please donate to Mozilla Corporation, their CEO is trying to scrape by on just a little over $3,000,000/year. I’m sure you can all relate to how hard that can be so, please, dig deep this giving season.

@aral If Mozilla were truly progressive they'd transition from a corporation to a cooperative. Until then I find their schtick a tough sell.

@aral You cannot to Mozilla Corporation. You can only donate to the Foundation.

I know you know that.

@rugk I’m so confused. So there’s a not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation and then there’s a for-profit Mozilla Corporation that makes half a billion dollars from surveillance capitalists and pays its CEO > $3M/year. Actually, when I say it like they it sounds so simple. I don’t know why I was ever confused.

@aral The foundation exists purely for tax reasons. I mean, technically you'd be donating to charity but if the corporation entity cashes out from it then it's not much different.


@aral @rugk I’ve answered to you 20 minutes ago but you won’t read it because you’ve probably muted me, so I assume you hate tone policing exceeept when someone gets fed up of your way to pursue your personal crusades by conveniently neglecting to fact-check random articles you read exclusively in the generalistic press… This is sad because I think we could have fulfilling conversations since we agree on the most important.

@aral @rugk I'm curious: Do you think Mozilla corp would be able to pay enough devs to continue the development of Firefox if they were to cut their deal with Google? They're developing not only a browser but also a browser engine, and I suspect their only alternative would be to give up and fork Chromium.

But honestly, I don't know. I wish Mozilla would be more transparent about these decisions, but they don't even respond to the criticism.

@aral @rugk Obviously that $3M salary is just stupid, but their development costs are still far more than that, and I have no idea how they could replace their massive income from royalties.

So I agree that Mozilla makes a lot of crappy decisions, but my impression is that their monetizing is necessary because of the capitalist monopoly world we have created for ourselves. There used to be at least some competition, but now it seems like we're about to end up with one company to rule them all.

@sigsegv @aral @rugk They're trying to diversify their sources of revenue (esp. with Mozilla VPN)

@aral well, at least they are for FOSS and don't put us under surveillance like big tech.

@yutyo May I just repeat that they get their half a billion a year by enabling surveillance by Big Tech (by making Google the default search engine).

@louisrcouture @yutyo Do you understand why Google pays Mozilla Corporation half a BILLION pounds every year?

Because defaults matter.

Because they know they people (outside of a tiny group of enthusiasts) don’t change defaults.

If you’re a doctor, you don’t offer every person you meet a free introductory cigarette and then say “but they can refuse.” If you walk like a cigarette salesman and quack like a cigarette salesman, chances are you are cigarette salesman.

@aral @louisrcouture @yutyo@todon.nlSize katılıyorum. İnsanlar güvenli olduğunu düşünerek ürününüzü kullanıyor, siz bu güveni pazarlıyorsunuz.
Türkiye'de bir uyuşturu ile mücadele derneğinin başkanı uyuşturucu satmaktan tutuklandı.
Bu da aynı şey ve utanılması gereken bir durum. İnsanların çok büyük bir bölümü gogıl ve yandex'den başka bir arama motoru olduğunu bile bilmiyor.

@aral @louisrcouture @yutyo That plus msintaining the illusion of a competitive browser market as a hedge against antitrust - as happened to Microsoft with IE.

@aral @yutyo it is very easy to switch default browser on Firefox.
You can literally switch from a search engine to another on the adress bar. It is so easy.

Perhaps, however, Google is actually a search engine most people enjoy using because it gives more accurate results. And for people who aren’t familiar with tech, they are not the people who are going to go and download Firefox anyway.

@louisrcouture @yutyo Ssh, not so loud. If Google hears how easy it is to switch the default search engine on Firefox, they’ll stop giving Mozilla half a billion dollars a year to be the default search engine on Firefox.

(They must only do it because they don’t know how easy it is for people to change it. Silly Google.)

@yutyo @aral They are not for FOSS. Not everything they make is open. They bought #Pocket for a lot of money and didnt made it open source, but install the pocket extension by default and they show news articels and ads via pocket.

@yutyo @aral ever started netstat when Firefox is open? you don't even have to type anything into the search bar.

@aral I barely subsist on $4,000,000 a year. I don't know how they live on $3M! they must have to clip coupons and buy generic brand products. (sarcasm)

@aral We have all been in this situation at one point or another, so relatable lol

@aral Well hey, with their new key tracking, the browser's just gotten SO much better. #not

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