Dear fellow European software engineers,

Don’t. Just don’t. How much can they pay you to better enslave humanity by helping them improve their panopticon? No amount is worth having to live with this complicity.

@aral Well, why not at least make good money on something that's going to fail anyways

@sturmflut @aral Because the fallout will be lots of much more localized and personalized data for Facebook.

Also enough money to burn can make a lot of things work — they’ll try to keep going long enough until they get a monopoly you must join to make a living.

Then they are the golden chains — and make their profits:


"No one company will own and operate the metaverse.Like the internet, its key feature will be its openness and interoperability," F***book said in its blog post.

Because this is an area F***book has shown proficiency in? The fox wants to guard the hen-house.

@Midder @aral Allegedly they want to build a federated system, or so I heard.

Press any key to doubt.

@Midder @aral 5 years later: We tried to make it open and interoperable but failed due to everybody else's fault. We'll accept the burden of managing this for now.

@aral The FB thinking is: Everyone has a price.

@aral if you work for drug dealers, smugling things, you are a criminal.

If you work for genocide, killing people, you are a criminal.

If you work for Facebook, developing tools that undermine basic rights and spread letal desinformation, you are a criminal.

Chances are that you will never get caught, but you are what you are.

Dear @aral stop being melodramatic and judgemental. Sincerely, a Europen software engineer that shares your view.

@aral I know someone actively working with the "metaverse" -- they hold all their meetings with facebook in VR and praise it as a feature, talking about how they are making the likes of Ready Player One a reality.

All while failing to realize one of the points of Ready Player One was realizing its culture was stuck in VR, aligned to big evil corporations and eventually the main character learning to break out of it and live in the real world.

@agates @aral I think that's one of the reasons to write satire - it tends to filter out and expose the very actors one intends to satirize.

@aral so now facebook has discovered the key bargaining chip which proofed most effective for eroding European social democracies: 10k highly skilled jobs.

I'm pretty afraid well see a lot of politicians in France fall in line with facebooks policies soon. :/

@uniq They knew it all along… that’s how they have the Irish government by the balls and why there’s practically-speaking no GDPR enforcement whatsoever to speak of.

@aral You have no idea how much i want to 🤗 you right now. I'm surrounded by people that applauded these news but i totally reacted like you.

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