@lanodan Not to mention: security/privacy. It would be, for example, Facebook’s wet dream to have an OS that ships with X11 become the most popular on the planet. Imagine what fun they’d have if their Facebook app had keylogger and screenshot access to every app you were running. And if not Facebook (maybe a bit too risky, even for them), then App X that you just installed. Is it the year of Linux on desktop? Thank fuck, no. Not as long as X11 is still the default on major distributions, anyway.

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@aral I don't think a Facebook application would have much user share on linux but Google anti-user people would probably love X11 and a lot of users are stuck in the false dilemma of Firefox vs. Chromium.
That plus maybe advertisers in video games.

@aral @lanodan Most Window Managers are still running with only X11.

@linuxbey @aral
X Windows System version 11 is from 1986.
Most window managers (X term btw) are from around 2000.
Wayland, a protocol, started in 2008~2010.

Of course with that kind of difference everything isn't going to be there yet, compare it to things like IPv4 (1981) and IPv6 (1998).

@lanodan @aral

Wait, are you telling me that we've had 17 years of IPv4 only, then 21 years (and counting) of both IPv4 and IPv6, and we still haven't fully migrated?

@samgai @aral Yes… status quo is quite a strong thing on protocols, it's hard to get rid of well established protocols.
@samgai @lanodan @aral there are some security and privacy problems with ipv6 that have not been fully resolved, its great for ISP's who have the resources (or the lack of care) but for normal users, I don't think ipv6 is ready, and its not even necessarily a problem. NAT fixed this a long time ago. Yes, there's not a lot of IPv4 addresses, but let the isp's and data centers move to ipv6, and keep ipv4 for simple home networks.
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