Would love to hear the community’s thoughts on making inclusivity/accessibility a core tenet in elementary OS.

(Currently, it is not covered in the Human Interface Guidelines at all as far as I can see.)

@aral I would love it if elementary includes accessibility guidelines on the hig . A lot of developers want to make their app accessible, but don’t have much idea on how to do so. It would surely be beneficial

@Suzie97 Yep, this is coming out of my own frustrations with Catts (the new task switcher that is in the process of being incorporated into the OS) and with Comet (the git commit message editor I’m preparing).

@aral +1 to that, this should be the core of any distro. If elementary can lead the way, that is a good thing.

@aral Love the idea of making a Linux operating system more accessible. You might get some ideas from Distros like INX are very accessible and might provide some ideas too. Thought this looked like a great project: Noticed mention of Orca. How about other screen readers if someone wants a more lightweight alternative? I have more links to other resources if there's interest.

@lmemsm Thanks for the links. Looks like the former hasn’t been updated for about 12 years though, unless I’m missing something (looks like the last version was released in 2009?)

Personally, I think it would be a very good start if the OS and core apps worked well with Orca.

@aral This might be useful: The developer used to be on the Schoolforge mailing list before it was disbanded.

@aral It’s not my distro of choice, but I’d love to see accessibility and inclusivity to be a normal part of my system.

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