Mind blown: the Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK created an open source, web-based TV automation system for studios and live shows that’s used in daily live TV news productions since 2018.


…I’m reading up on it after @datacop kindly gave me a link to one of its components a few days ago for controlling an Atem switcher from Linux – it’s a Node app.

(It’s what they used to bridge their Atem to a WebSocket JSON protocol at PrivacyWeek 2021.

@aral @datacop

I get sent the EBU tech magazine and remember reading about NRK and also SVT in Sweden experimenting with open source in playout around this time, but wasn't sure if it was just an experiment or had gone into full deployment (clearly it must be good enough to use for the news...)

I used to work on the proprietary systems 22 years ago; they were flaky as hell so I suspect open source alternatives would be no worse (and positively a big improvement)

@aral sorry, I didn't have time to do a write-up,
there's also an interesting multiview-touchscreen project based on it:
Also from Endre also via mqtt:

@datacop No worries; there are only so many hours in the day :)

@datacop Also, nice :) (Although I think I’m going to use the Streamdeck via Companion (now I know it runs on Linux) as the only touch screen laptop I have I’m using to run my presentation from :)

@aral @datacop If you don't know about it already might I interest you in Caspar?

It's a graphics and audio playout system which *I believe* was originally built by Swedish Public Television and it's been FOSS since the beginning if I have my history right

@seedlingattempt @datacop Ah neat, the Norwegian folks are using it as part of their system :)

@seedlingattempt @aral thanks, a few years ago when I found it, it was windows only, but that seems to have changed.

@aral i think swedish svt has something similar also open source

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