Folks making alternatives: don’t recreate the systems of closed, centralised silos. They’re designed with the needs and success criteria of closed, centralised organisations. You cannot compete with them on their own terms. They have the resources to create centralised workflows, you do not. And your success criteria are the opposite of theirs. You do not want to centralise information, power, and wealth. Think about where your strengths lie and design from first principles according to those.


As someone who deeply cares about these issues, and deeply cares about people, I think the problem is far more complex than can be captured here.

We can agree on decentralization, but we must still allow for collective action, both as a design principle and to address real life problems.

I've seen our communities advocate software and systems that meet the decentralized criteria, but fail the "human test".

Designers must have the humility to talk to people about their actual needs.

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