Web: scientist trying to link two documents together

Web 2.0: greedy fuckers trying to make a billion dollars

web3: greedy fuckers trying to make a billion dollars while burning down your habitat

web0: a timeless and ongoing attempt to unfuck things and move forward in a way that enables individuals to seize the means of communication. If we succeed, no one makes a billion dollars but we protect these fragile things we call human rights and democracy.

@aral Aral, you should definitively adapt a version of GPT-3 to your sitejs project.

Just imagine normal people describe what site they want, and a general AI implements it.

Just one example

Just two demos, no advertisement!

But GPT-3 belongs to whatever…

There is an open source implementation. web demo

@nemo I’d like to see us discover natural intelligence first.

@aral Sorry for the late response. Well, then we are doomed :D haha
Look at those crypto trolls. I assume that between them are pple with high IQs. But who lack essentials soft skills. People who don't even consider the golden rule.
Folks which rather should use their time and skill for something useful. But prefer to stay in Platos cave, knowingly follow illusions. (1/2)

@aral (2/2)

And even mesmerize other people to join this illusion. NFT's, alt-coins BS per excellence. We as a species have so much potential. But look at us. A dire world. With confused people.

The internet used to be a decent collection of nice html sites with relevant info on lots of stuff, made by hobbyists and ICT students.
Sure, there was a lot that you couldnt find, simply because it wasnt on there.
But I still prefer the early days over the hellhole it is now.
Lots of info now, but also lots of society wrecking evil bullshit. And decent info hidden behind paywalls, cookie screens, popups for subscription to newsletters, popups to make you disable your adblocker or else... 😭

From your advocacy and what you've presented, all I know about #web0 is that it's #web3 except being pushed by cynical and miserable people who presume malicious intent in others by default and start social movements in order to surround themselves with other such people.

I'll pass, thanks.

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