“Pupil movements, body poses and nose scrunching are among the flickers of human expression that Meta wants to harvest in building its metaverse, according to an analysis of dozens of patents recently granted to Facebook’s parent company.”

Do you understand now what I mean when I say they’re trying to build the perfect behavioural analysis and manipulation laboratory? That you’re the lab rat in Silicon Valley’s business model? Do you get why I call it “people farming?”

@tetrapyloctomist It’s just their business model. It’s what we’ve known (or should have known) all along. They and other Silicon Valley companies have done nothing but follow their bottom lines in as long as I’ve been paying attention. Zero surprises to be had.

@aral @tetrapyloctomist Yes, I totally expect that if they can figure out a way to make VR headsets work without the familiar nausea problems then lots of creepy stuff happen. But it won't be as bad as what already happens with social media data gathering.

The reason is that language just has far more monetizable information denisity to it than eyeball movements. You can generally tell more about someone by what they write or share than how they move when sat on a sofa or at a desk.

yes I hear you loud and clear and you're absolutely right.
I keep hoping that such inhuman shit gets stopped, unfortunately it's a different picture we see when people keep staying on these platforms so they continue to make trillions of dollars from advertising and data harvesting.
I wonder when people will wake up.

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