The Bluetooth Quick Connect extension ( should be built-in functionality in GNOME.

It’s a hugely cumbersome process, otherwise, to connect to headphones that you’ve already paired (especially if you also use them with your phone, etc.)

@aral oooh! That's really handy, thanks. Any other favourites you'd recommend?


@Edent The only other one I have installed at the moment is Night Theme Switcher ( which automatically switches between light/dark based on time of day and you can also add a button to the status menu to manually override it.

Works like a charm and really shows off how well the colour scheme animations work in GNOME (also highlights which apps don’t support it yet).

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@aral Thanks.
I can highly recommend Clipboard History and the Emoji Picker.

@Edent Neat, will check ’em out, thanks.

For the latter, have you tried Ctrl + . (period) for the native GNOME emoji picker? (Only works in native apps. Haven’t been able to get it to work in Firefox, for example.)

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