In case you were still wondering, no, the islamist despot of Turkey, Erdoğan, has never been (and is not) your ally.

I may have been born Turkish but my solidarity is with the Kurds and their struggle for an independent, democratic, and egalitarian society. Sweden and Finland should be applauded for their support.

@aral so weird how people confuse where one was born/raised with political identity or cultural affiliations. It's like assuming things based on skin colour. Bizarre.

Every morning these days @aral takes a dump on a new country.
Canada next?

@gabriel Canada? Now that you mention it, yes, I do believe I’ve heard of it. (Will that do?) :)

@aral What's your thoughts on Israel doing harm to Palestine. They are brutally torturing Palestine peoples. Everyone standing with Ukraine, why not supporting Palestinians? Because they are muslim?

@orionholmes @aral nobody has cared about palestine since 1968 (when was the 6 days war?).

@orionholmes @aral also israel has been good at branding itself as the "only democracy in the middle east" though it is more like a theocracy. Only Jewish citizens have rights. Also they have been good at deflecting criticism of their human rights abuses and calling any and all criticism "anti-semitism".

@orionholmes @aral maybe check his profile before asking “gotcha” questions like these? Aral posts a lot of critique of Israel

@orionholmes @aral

Don't need to scroll very far on his feed to get his thoughts on that. 😉

@aral Be careful with the Kurds. Barzanis are looking for *anything* but an independent, democratic or egalitarian society. Erdogan must meet the Kurds on better terms but the Kurds also need to deal with internal tribalism and other nasty conflicts before they can hope to establish anything resembling democracy.

@bananarama is there some reason why you’re talking about “barzanis” here when @aral is talking about Kurds in Turkey and Sultan Recçip’s racist oppression of them?

@dgold @aral Do you know who the Barzanis are? What their relations with Turkey are?

@bananarama why don’t you tell me what that has to do with what aral was talking about?

@dgold The Barzanis are the leaders of the KDP and the leading political Kurdish tribe in Iraq. They basically do not care about other Kurdistans and are largely opposed to nearby rebels, who are largely PKK. Their roots go back a to a time in which which Kurdistan as a whole was largely autonomous and had more freedoms than it has ever had since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan's repression of the Kurds is not novel or unexpected. He's following the basic principles on which Turkey was founded by Ataturk: to create a modernized nation-state for Turks. The biggest departures from Ataturk is that Erdogan believes Islam is inherently Turkish and to force secularism upon Turkey is impossible, but also highly discriminatory. To oppose the oppression of Kurds is to oppose the state of Turkey (I agree it should be done) but most countries are not comfortable with this.

This comes back to KDP & Barzanis. They are politically comfortable staying quiet about genocide in Turkey.

@bananarama so…

A tribe of Kurdish peoples in a different country don’t do anything to help the Kurds in Turkey, so Turkey needs to be careful dealing with the Kurds.

Got it.

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