EU Commission’s latest attempt to backdoor your privacy tries the Trump era William Barr justice department “think of the children” playbook.

No one thinks we shouldn’t do everything in our power to combat child sexual abuse. Some of us just don’t want to destroy the fundamental human right to privacy (and every other human right that’s based on it) in the process.

What do I mean by “the Trump era William Barr justice department “think of the children” playbook?”


@aral And it at best questionable whether sending random private texts and sensitive photos by children to agencies for checking actually helps protect children from sexual exploitation.

We don’t want old hags and geezers to stare at our kids images and exploit their weaknesses, so we build it into every smartphones that our kids messages and images can be sent to some hags and geezers for checking.

Call me jaded, but I can’t believe that *all* of those would be as trustworthy as needed.

@ArneBab @aral Any use of the Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse should lead to significant suspicion.

As for your jaded outlook, no need to consider you overly cynical, such rings *have* been found in the past in such agencies.

@aral I normally agree with EU actions I read about. Not this time. Sabotaging security and privacy is foolish. “BUT THE CHILDREN” is always a red flag justification. It’s a red flag when my country does it, and it’s a red flag when any other countries do it.

@aral It won't just destroy privacy. It will also wreak havoc on the privacy of the very kids such a move wants to protect. How can kids report abuse etc. privately, if the communications aren't private and encrypted??

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